Mijn Museum
20 April 2020

Share your museum

Hey collector! Tell us about your museum at home. Afrika Museum is unfortunately temporarily closed, but we’re really keen to see your collection.

Why not join us?

Have you got a special place at home for keeping your special things? And why do you collect these objects specifically and what’s the story behind them? We’re keen to hear about your personal museum!
Post a phot of your collection on Instagram or Facebook, using the hashtag #mijnmuseum to share it with the world. It’d be great if you can say something about it, too. 

Looking for inspiration? Pictured here is Sophia, who collects vintage jewellery boxes

“The big box I use to keep my jewellery in I was given by my aunt, so it means I think about her every day. Each box had a life of its own before it came to me. I like to imagine the travels they have had and what other people used to keep in them.” 

Mijn Museum