Wereldmuseum Berg en Dal

Marketing partners

Thanks to the partners below, we can achieve our goals.


Thanks to its participants, the VriendenLoterij annually distributes tens of millions of euros to more than fifty museums, including Wereldmuseum Berg en Dal. This allows Wereldmuseum Berg en Dal to, for example, purchase important artworks which represent a unique addition to our collection.

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Toerisme Veluwe Arnhem Nijmegen

Tourism Veluwe Arnhem Nijmegen, previously RBT KAN, provides foreign and domestic marketing and promotion services for the Veluwe-Arnhem-Nijmegen region with respect to recreation, tourism and (cultural) history.

Groesbeeks Museumlandschap

Groesbeek Museumlandschap (Museum Landscape) is a collaboration among the three large museums located in the municipality of Berg en Dal, specifically: Museum Park Orientalis in the village of Heilig Landstichting, Wereldmuseum Berg en Dal, and the Freedom Museum in Groesbeek.

Montessori College

Wereldmuseum Berg en Dal has been working with the Nijmegen Montessori College for years. Each year, students of the Montessori College become inspired by the exhibitions in the museum. By now, the work of hundreds of students has been displayed in the museum.

Radboud University

For the project “Traces of Slavery in Gelderland”, Wereldmuseum Berg en Dal works with Radboud University, Mapping Slavery and Erfgoed Gelderland (Gelderland Heritage), among other partners. The purpose of this project is to make visible the traces of transatlantic slavery in Gelderland. In a series of seminars, students will search in archives for reference points of these traces. Their findings will be used as the basis of educational programmes in Wereldmuseum Berg en Dal, among other purposes.

Erfgoed Gelderland

Erfgoed Gelderland (Gelderland Heritage) works from a close network of more than 140 heritage organisations and contributes to the strengthening of the broad field of heritage by encouraging the sharing of knowledge, anticipating trends and developments, and initiating super-regional and multidisciplinary collaboration projects.

Getaway Travel

Getaway Travel inspires people to experience cultures, countries and locations.