Mission partners

Mission first

We are an organisation driven by a mission. Our objective is to provide inspiration for an open view on the world and to contribute to world citizenship. In the Netherlands but also elsewhere in the world. We translate that mission into all our activities, also commercial ones. Our partners share this vision. For them, too, the motto of Mission First applies. This means that collaboration will provide more than money alone can do.

We pool our strengths with our partners to collectively develop content and substantive programmes. Because we speak the same language and aspire to the same goals, we will strengthen each other in communication and in our core business. This collaboration delivers significant added value in terms of substance, brand strength and finances. 

We work together on the basis of shared social commitment, impact, and the added value expected. And because our networks, collections and history are connected with various cultures around the world, we also consider the international activities of our potential mission partners. After all, we are world citizens.

Is a mission partnership with our museum something for you? Then let’s make an appointment. Please contact:

Thomas de Jong

Which mission partners preceded you?