Carnival around the world - Afrika Museum
26 March 2017

Carnival around the world

Carnival traditions worldwide in Berg and Dal!

Discover the Carnival traditions of other countries in Europe, Africa, North and South America at the Africa Museum’s CARNIVAL AROUND THE WORLD exhibition.


Ended | This exhibition was on display until 26 March 2017 in the Afrika Museum. 

We know all about Carnival in the Netherlands, particularly in the region south of the big rivers. Costumes, floats, music: all essential ingredients of the festivities.

Is Carnival a purely Catholic tradition? What links African masked dancers and Mardi Gras in New Orleans? And what do Eastern Europe’s Wild Men have to do with Carnival? Featuring colourful costumes from Venice, Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans, bikinis that leave little to the imagination, rugged Wild Man costumes, masks, photos, videos and personal stories, this exhibition reveals that, besides the differences, there are a host of similarities between the traditions.

Splendour, costumes and a look behind the scenes

The exhibition includes huge costumes on stilts and a Dutch Carnival float from Leuth. Marvel at the colourful costumes from Venice, Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans, the revealing Brazilian bikinis and the rugged Wild Man costumes. Or pop into a costume workshop to discover how all these fabulous things are made.

Similarities and differences in Carnival traditions

The form and meaning of Carnival traditions differ from one place to another, but they all include a number of basic elements: fancy dress, a parade and a big party. CARNIVAL AROUND THE WORLD, featuring objects from home and abroad, will take you on a trip to a world of suprising similarities. Discover how widespread the tradition of Carnival is, and see how people celebrate it all over the world.