Outdoor Museum
26 November 2023

The Museum Park

Learn all about migration, identity, architecture, language and encounters! Discover the interactive games in the traditional home zones which have been set up on the basis of universal themes.

What will you learn?

The home zones give an idea of traditional architecture seen in the countryside in Ghana, Lesotho, Mali and Benin. But that’s not the entire picture. Almost half of the population of the African continent live in large cities. Mega-cities with millions of residents. As emphasised in the fixed configuration of the museum (Africa Inspires), it is an enormously diverse continent. The themes of migration, identity, architecture, language and encounters — which you will come across in the Museum Park — are relevant more than ever!

The Museum Park is also the décor for festivals which take place each year, such as the Keti Koti Festival and the Africa Now Festival.