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In Brilliant Light
On display until November 26

In Brilliant Light

African Modern and Contemporary Art.

Helende Kracht campagnebeeld
Until 21 May 2023

Healing Power

The spiritual search for balance

If you don’t feel good or feel comfortable in your own skin, t

Marc Sylla Heden van het Slavernijverleden
This exhibition has ended

Afterlives of Slavery

About the current-day legacies of slavery and colonialism in the Netherlands.
WPP - Khadija Farah
23 May 2021

World Press Photo: Seen through the lens of...

An exhibition featuring the work of contemporary African photographers: Seen through the lens of...
Africa Now
26 November 2023

Africa Inspires

Awesome, contemporary, critical, trendy, revolutionary, arty, powerful, inspiring. Africa is all of this, and more!
Fashion Cities Africa
1 March 2020

exhibition Fashion Cities Africa

Discover lively and diverse fashion scenes from Casablanca, Johannesburg, Lagos and Nairobi through the eyes of 15 local experts.
BIITTER - Afrikamuseum
13 September 2021

exhibition BITTER Chocolate Stories


Stories from children about cocoa plantations in Ghana and the Ivory Coast


Sieraden campagnebeeld
2 June 2019

JEWELLERY - made by, worn by

Het Afrika Museum presents the largest collection of jewellery in a Dutch museum ever.
Afrotopia - Afrika Museum
2 September 2018


Biggest Pan-African photography exhibition to be displayed in Netherlands for first time.
World of Feathers - Credits: Alejandro Aquirre
24 September 2017

World of Feathers

This exhibition takes you to the world of birds and feathers in a World of Feathers.
Carnival around the world - Afrika Museum
26 March 2017

Carnival around the world

Discover the Carnival traditions at the Africa Museum’s CARNIVAL AROUND THE WORLD exhibition.
Icons of National Geographic - Afrika Museum
1 May 2016

The Icons of National Geographic

The Icons of National Geographic displays a selection of those masterpieces of National Geographic.
Outdoor Museum
26 November 2023

The Museum Park

Get to know more about migration, identity, architecture, language and encounters in the Museum Park!
East Africa - Afrika Museum
26 November 2023

Religion and society

An exhibition about the cycle of life, healing and religion in African society.