Restaurant and shop

Restaurant and shop


The museum shop has an extensive range of ethnographic items, applied art, jewellery and souvenirs. In addition, there’s a wide selection of books, catalogues and postcards.

Museum café

The museum café is currently closed for renovations. Check this page for updates. In the museum, in the long corridor past the entrance desk, you can drink a cup of coffee or tea for free. From this bright space you have a view of the Museum Park on one side and the quiet garden on the other.

Gifts for young and old

Alongside lovely books and children’s books, pictures and clothes, the shop also stocks gifts big and small related to the theme of the temporary exhibitions. On offer right now are beautiful hand-made items of jewellery.  

Prices displayed alongside the photographs

Rings, from left to right: €49,-, €55,-, €75,-, €49,-, €65,-

World atlas (blue book): €15,- | Big Anansi book (orange book): €24,99 | Rope games: €13,90

Fulani earring Bronze size M: €19,- | Fulani earring Silver size M: €36,50 | Fulani earring Bronze size S: €12,-

Nativity scene: €18,95

Earring Silver L: €69,95 | Earring silver M: €29,95 | Earring Silver S: €19,95 | Earring Gold-on-silver L: €85,95 | Earring Gold-on-silver S: €29,95

CD Putumayo: €14,95