Contemporary art has an important place in the exhibition

As many well-known and lesser-known artists have been inspired by the theme of healing power.

Hedendaagse kunst

Freud White Sacrifice by Sokari Douglas Camp is the first work you see when you enter the exhibition. In this work, she portrays her vision of psychoanalysis as a typically Western approach to psychological problems.

On a big screen, you will see Maria Abramovic with her performance The artist is present. Joseph Beuys’s work I Like America and America Likes Me is part of the exhibition as well. Damian Hirst's work The altar is an expression of the recurring theme in his oeuvre: life and death. In this particular work, he depicts how the pharmaceutical industry has gradually taken the place of religion.

Other artists whose work has been included in the exhibition:

Boris van Berkum
Santiago Rodríguez Olazábal
Remy Jungerman
Renée Stout
Johan Tahon
Mathilde ter Heijne
José Bedia
Antoine Wilère
James Reculé
Frantz Zéphirin
E. Lindor
Pierrot Barra
Belkis Ayón Manso
Jorge Manes Rubio
George Korsmit