Fever Tree in Overasselt

Thin places in Gelderland

An incredible number of energy-rich places (called “thin places” because they are locations where the line between the mortal and the eternal worlds is thin) can be found in Gelderland. A certain increased level of energy is present at thin places. People who are highly sensitive or spiritual can observe this energy, and it can do all sorts of things with you. For example, you can receive messages, insights or healing. Each powerful location has a different type of energy and they are often used for spiritual ceremonies, rituals and offers to the gods. You can find more about this in the exhibition Healing Power.

Together with Desta Deekman, we visited several exceptional thin places in Gelderland. We have shed light on the stories of the Koortsboom (Fever Tree) in Overasselt, Duivelsberg (Devil’s Mountain) in Berg en Dal, and the Bloedsteen (Blood Stone) in Ede.   

Fever Tree in Overasselt

Devil’s Mountain in Berg en Dal

Bloedsteen in Ede